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Robert W Boyer is an applied developmental psychologist, teacher, author, and licensed clinician whose research and writings are on consciousness and communication.
His doctoral dissertation in cognitive psychology was entitled, “Conscious processes in automatic auditory and visual search.”
Dr. Boyer lives in Iowa and currently serves as research fellow at the Institute for Advanced Research in Malibu, California.
Bridge to Unity is the theme of this website and the title of Dr. Boyer’s first book.
This Bridge to Unity website contains Dr. Boyer’s recent papers, book introductions, and links to purchase the books.

About Dr. Boyer

Dr. Robert BoyerBorn in Portland Oregon USA, Bob spent early years in California, attended UCLA on an athletic scholarship and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. After graduation he became a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) program, and completed a Master’s degree in the Science of Creative Intelligence at Maharishi European Research University in Switzerland. He served in the non-profit educational organization for TM in the U.S. as national president of the students’ wing and national vice-president-administration and trustee of the umbrella organization, having the great honor of working with founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
He returned to academic studies, completing a Master’s degree in experimental psychology at California State University Northridge and doctorate in cognitive psychology at University of Oklahoma. He served as faculty member in psychology and neuroscience at Maharishi International University in Iowa, and after completing postdoctoral clinical internships and professional licensure worked in community mental health and private practice.
In recent years he developed graduate curricula and taught as full professor of psychology at Girne American University in North Cyprus, and again has been writing scientific papers and now publishing books. He and his wife Connie also operate a bed & breakfast in Fairfield Iowa, Seven Roses Inn (
His professional career and private life have consistently focused on development of consciousness, and on communication. It can be characterized simply as a series of phases: boy, athlete, administrator, teacher, clinician, author—and all along the way a listener and increasingly silent observer of the joys and challenges of life on Earth.


Meditation as Transcending All Thought, NeuroQuantology 2016

What are the Laws of Nature Anyway? Part II: The Holistic Vedic Model, NeuroQuantology 2015

What are the Laws of Nature Anyway? Part I: Toward a Holistic Model, NeuroQuantology 2015

A Further Review of ‘Orch OR’ Theory: The Universe in Consciousness, NeuroQuantology 2015

The Transcendental Meditation ™ Technique: What, How, and Why. Prescribing Health: Transcendental Meditation in contemporary medical care

A New Interpretation of Quantum Theory Based in the Holism of Veda (2014)

A Critique of Scientific Realism Based in Vedic Principles, NeuroQuantology 2013

Unpacking Quantum Wave Function Collapse: Introduction to the 3-­‐in-­‐1 Ontological Model of Nature, NeuroQuantology 2012

The Place and Role of Consciousness in Human Psychoarchitecture, NeuroQuantology 2011

Unless We Are Robots, Classical and Quantum Theories Are Fundamentally Inadequate, NeuroQuantology 2012

Making Room for Mental Space, NeuroQuantology 2009

Major progress linking modern science and Vedic science, Sambodhi

Toward an integrated view of particles and forces.

Consciousness: Reductive Physicalism to Ultimate Holism, GAU Journal of Social and Applied Science

Is the ‘Big Bang’ a Big Myth?, GAU Journal of Social and Applied Science

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The top down consciousness-mind-matter ontology, Journal of Consciousness Studies

The whole creates the parts: debunking modern science of reductive materialism, Proceedings Of The Annual Conference of the World Association for Vedic Studies

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Seven Roses Inn
Fairfield, Iowa 52556