Bridge to Unity

Bridge to Unity

Unified field-based science and spirituality

Robert W Boyer is an applied developmental psychologist, teacher, author, and licensed clinician whose research and writings are on consciousness and communication.
Bridge to Unity is the theme of this website, which contains recent articles, book introductions, and links to purchase the books.


Cool Mind Warm Heart
Heart & Mind: A Perfect Union


Ignorance and Enlightenment: What’s the difference?

Abstract An emphasis on logical reasoning emerged in ‘Western thought’ in the 18th Century –the ‘Age of Reason’. Also heralded as an ‘Age of Enlightenment’, it led to the ‘Age of Science,’with unprecedented technological advances. However, it is perhaps better...

A Psychological Critique of Mathematicians

Abstract In this paper, we’ll examine engrained thinking habits in even the most powerful human intellects that contributed to existential risks now confronting life on Earth. They also relate to limitations of mathematical logic and algorithmic computation. Finally,...

Vedic Model of Mind

Abstract The Vedic model of mind is a ‘consciousness-based’ approach in which consciousness is primary to nature. It contrasts with the ‘unconscious-based’ approach that places mind in the unconscious brain underlain by insentient random quantum fields. Advances in...

Non-Duality, Trinity, Quinternity, Unity

Abstract This paper summarizes progress in theoretical physics toward a more unified view of nature, and shows that this progress inexorably is linking to the ancient holistic account of Veda. The Vedic account addresses key dilemmas still widely considered needing to...

Reconciling Realism and Idealism

Abstract An approach to reconcile realism and idealism—and the ‘mind/body problem’—is proposed, based on examining the direction and key implications of progress in physics. The direction is from tangible ontological ‘objects’ such as particles to less tangible...

What about Bob?

Dr. Robert BoyerBorn in Portland Oregon USA, Bob spent early years in California, attended UCLA on an athletic scholarship and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. After graduation he became a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) program, and completed a Master’s degree in the Science of Creative Intelligence at Maharishi European Research University in Switzerland. He served in the non-profit educational organization for TM in the U.S. as national president of the students’ wing and national vice-president-administration and trustee of the umbrella organization, having the great honor of working with founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He returned to academic studies, completing a Master’s degree in experimental psychology at California State University Northridge and doctorate in cognitive psychology at University of Oklahoma. He served as faculty member in psychology and neuroscience at Maharishi International University in Iowa. After completing postdoctoral clinical internships and professional licensure he worked in community mental health and private practice. More recently, he has been consulting/teaching communication skills and writing scientific articles and books.