GAU Journal of Social and Applied Science

In the reductive physicalist paradigm in mainstream modern science, consciousness emerges from random bits of energy/matter that bind together from lower-order parts into unitary biological organisms which somehow develop higher-order conscious control over the parts. How the closed causal chain unlinks and inserts a causally efficacious conscious mind is utterly mysterious. Consciousness must be epiphenomenal or non-existent, and thus a fundamental misperception. This paper summarizes a logically consistent alternative that incorporates progress over the past century in quantum, quantum gravity, and unified field theories extending into theorized subtle underlying nonlocal space and further into the ultimate holism of the unified field. Added to the reductionism and physicalism are real, non-local, nonphysical levels of nature. These cutting edge developments – which have profound implications for addressing long-standing dilemmas in modern science such as the mind-body problem – are matching up with the consciousness-mind-matter ontology in the oldest continuous knowledge tradition of Vedic science.
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