Advances in modern science applying the reductive approach of probing smaller time and distance scales have led to recognition of the importance of holistic approaches. This paper overviews the completely holistic approach of Veda and how modern science is linking to it. Part I explores how Veda connects to quantum field theories for a more coherent understanding of the process of phenomenal diversity emerging from unity. Part II explores how Vedic Yoga applies systematic means for direct empirical experience of unity.


Modern science has brought us a long way out of the irrationality of preceding millennia to the doorstep of a unified understanding of nature – a remarkable achievement. Now, the next step toward ultimate unity is underway in research on the unified field as a theory of everything. However, this monumental progress has revealed the need to address the relationship between subjective mind and the objective world it observes to formulate a coherent unified understanding. This is leading to reconsideration of ancient approaches for their relevance to modern scientific research that is now attempting to link objective matter, subjective mind, and consciousness.
This paper examines cutting-edge scientific theories in light of the ancient knowledge of Veda. This vast knowledge system as an ancient science predates faith-based religions drawing from it. Its methods are increasingly recognized to be complementary to evidence-based modern science. Part I investigates the emergence of diversity from ultimate unity according to the Vedic account. It discusses how contemporary quantum theories connect subjective mind and objective matter, and how research on matter, mind and consciousness inexorably is pointing to the Vedic account. Part II examines Vedic Yoga as more inclusive systematic means to gain reliable knowledge.

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