How I Move My Hand

by | Jun 30, 2023 | Article

Consciousness is being aware of itself.

Consciousness itself is the all-inclusive, infinite, eternal unified field of all possibilities.

Its holistic infinite value is universal consciousness; its reductive point value is individual consciousness.

It is conscious of itself as the all-inclusive unified field (infinite self-referral) and it also expresses itself as individual objects (finite object-referral).

Remaining inside itself as ultimate unity, through its inherent infinite self-referral dynamics, it expresses itself as finite diversity in phenomenal manifest creation.

Ultimate unity is ultimately the only Reality because it is infinite and eternal. Phenomenal diversity can be said to be relatively ‘real’ but ephemeral and finite.

Finite diversity can be described as the expression of inherent intelligence, inherent energy, and inherent resistance to change within the infinite self-referral dynamics of the unified field of consciousness.

Individual consciousness phenomenally manifests as individual soul (jiva) in levels with specific functions, the most abstract and subtle being individual self, then intellect, then mind, then senses and objects of sense.

Phenomenal objects of sense manifest in extremely refined structure and substance (subtle levels of expression), then much less refined (gross level of expression).

The gross level of expression is the ordinary physical level, the least refined and most limited. In modern scientific terms, it is bounded by ‘local’ causal mechanics in the relativistic gravitational field of conventional spacetime, light-speed, and Planck-scale quantization, sometimes theorized to be inert, non-sentient, non-conscious, determinate within the limits of quantum uncertainty, and fundamentally random/indeterminate (but now becoming recognized as determinate but indeterminable due to complexity and limits of measurement processes) — appearing both as independent at the gross physical level but also interdependent at subtle levels.

The subtle levels of expression are finite but not characterized by the same limitations as the gross level. They are nonlocal, non-physical, characterized more as sentient (more intelligent energy, and not fundamentally random).

Within the field of all possibilities in consciousness itself, fluctuations, vibrations, or impulses are expressed into finite manifestation through the self, intellect, mind, and senses to influence phenomenally subtle interdependent and independent finite objects of sense and gross independent finite objects of sense.

The subtle finite objects of sense appear as both local independent and nonlocal interdependent and are non-physical in the sense that they are made of more abstract and refined constituents, and gross finite objects of sense appear as local independent and are physical in the sense that they are made of the gross constituents of the five fundamental quantized force-matter fields: gravitational, strong and weak nuclear, and electromagnetic fields (and Higgs fields), associated with the ancient classification of space, air, fire, water, earth from least to most tangible and concrete).

The subtle objects of sense link and causally interact with the gross objects of sense via the most concrete non-physical subtle objects of sense and the least concrete physical objects of sense — the conventional relativistic gravitational spacetime field (now associated with quantum gravity).

My conscious self and subtle levels of mind produce mental impulses or fluctuations on the subtle non-physical level that directly permeate and influence the physical brain/body that cause muscles in the hand to move according to the mental intentions of my conscious mind.

Gross objects of sense congeal into wholes, into biological organisms, into living beings with increasing expression of inherent ability to develop themselves to higher and higher states of consciousness and understanding and direct experiential validation of their infinite status –eternal self-referral cycle of infinite>finite>infinite.