GAU Journal of Social and Applied Science, 2007

Inflationary big bang theory is the consensus model of the origin of the universe in contemporary cosmology. According to this theory, the universe emerged from randomly fluctuating quantum fields that apparently originated instantaneously from nothing. It is further theorized that these quantum fields congealed into stars, planets, and eventually living organisms such as human beings with sufficient neural complexity to generate consciousness. These theories are associated with the reductive, materialistic, bottom-up matter-mind-consciousness ontology still prominent in modern science. In this perspective, consciousness emerges from randomly fluctuating bits of energy/matter, which somehow bind into neural networks that generate conscious mind; and then in some quite mysterious way, conscious mind gains causal power to direct behavior of the whole organism.
This paper describes an alternative, logically consistent, holistic view from ancient Vedic science that is a top-down consciousness-mind-matter ontology. In that holistic view, the source of everything in nature, the unified field, is conscious Being. Remaining within the unified field, nature limits itself or condenses into mind and matter. In the holistic view, the origin of the universe is better characterized as a ‘Big Condensation’ rather than the ‘Big Bang.’ The holistic view is consistent with unified field theories, symmetry breaking, quantum decoherence, the ‘arrow of time,’ and the 2nd law of thermodynamics – all of which imply that the universe originated from the lowest entropy, super-symmetric, perfectly orderly unified field.
Holistic Vedic science provides empirical means to resolve fundamental paradoxes in the reductive materialistic, bottom-up ontology, including the so-called hard problem of consciousness, order emerging from fundamental random disorder, and everything emerging from nothing.
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