Sambodhi, Vol. XXXII, 2009, Ahmedabad, India, 1-32.

S. N. Bhavasar and R. W. Boyer
prasaad cinhani purah phalani
Auspicious signs and signatures precede eventual fruitful actions. (Kalidasa)
The exponential rate of growth of information in recent years is one indicator of the unprecedented phase transition we are witnessing throughout the world. In virtually every area of society, it is a time of rapid change marked by shifting paradigms, erosion of traditional social values, moral and ethical challenges, tension and violence, and even risk of nuclear annihilation and dismantling of our natural genetic heritage. We are at a critical threshold at which the outer objective focus on the material level of life has gotten ahead of inner subjective development of our minds (1). But in the fog and mist of these turbulent times, a new era of hope and progress in scientific knowledge is unfolding that is far more significant than any paradigm shift in the 400 hundred year history of this Age of Science. Scientific advances now have brought us to the doorstep of the ultimate unification of nature in unified field theory. These advances are auspicious precursors to a profound integration of knowledge that is propelling the Age of Science into a genuine Age of Enlightenment.

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