Bridge to Unity

Bridge to Unity

Unified field-based science and spirituality

Robert W Boyer is an applied developmental psychologist, teacher, author, and licensed clinician whose research and writings are on consciousness and communication.
Bridge to Unity is the theme of this website, which contains recent articles, book introductions, and links to purchase the books.


Cool Mind Warm Heart
Heart & Mind: A Perfect Union


Making Room for Mental Space

NeuroQuantology | September 2009 | Vol 7 | Issue 3 Abstract According to the consensus cosmological theory of the inflationary big bang, the universe originated about 14 billion years ago with no initial conditions, inherent nature, order, or purpose—from literally...

Major Progress Linking Modern Science and Vedic Science

Sambodhi, Vol. XXXII, 2009, Ahmedabad, India, 1-32. S. N. Bhavasar and R. W. Boyer prasaad cinhani purah phalani Auspicious signs and signatures precede eventual fruitful actions. (Kalidasa) The exponential rate of growth of information in recent years is one...

Consciousness: Reductive Physicalism to Ultimate Holism

In the reductive physicalist paradigm in mainstream modern science, consciousness emerges from random bits of energy/matter that bind together from lower-order parts into unitary biological organisms which somehow develop higher-order conscious control over the parts. How the closed causal chain unlinks and inserts a causally efficacious conscious mind is utterly mysterious.

Is the ‘Big Bang’ a Big Myth?

GAU Journal of Social and Applied Science, 2007 Abstract Inflationary big bang theory is the consensus model of the origin of the universe in contemporary cosmology. According to this theory, the universe emerged from randomly fluctuating quantum fields that...

The Big Condensation – Not the Big Bang

Consciousness Research Abstracts, Quantum Mind Conference, Salzberg Austria, July 2007 Abstract According to the consensus cosmological theory of the inflationary ‘Big Bang,’ the universe originated, presumably instantaneously from nothing, as an inherently dynamic,...

What about Bob?

Dr. Robert BoyerBorn in Portland Oregon USA, Bob spent early years in California, attended UCLA on an athletic scholarship and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. After graduation he became a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) program, and completed a Master’s degree in the Science of Creative Intelligence at Maharishi European Research University in Switzerland. He served in the non-profit educational organization for TM in the U.S. as national president of the students’ wing and national vice-president-administration and trustee of the umbrella organization, having the great honor of working with founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He returned to academic studies, completing a Master’s degree in experimental psychology at California State University Northridge and doctorate in cognitive psychology at University of Oklahoma. He served as faculty member in psychology and neuroscience at Maharishi International University in Iowa. After completing postdoctoral clinical internships and professional licensure he worked in community mental health and private practice. More recently, he has been consulting/teaching communication skills and writing scientific articles and books.