Bridge to Unity

Unified Field-Based Science and Spirituality

Not just ground-breaking, the book is a game-changer that illuminates and re-aligns our relationship with nature — a roadmap for 21st Century scientific enlightenment.
Taking on the most challenging issues in modern science, it provides fundamentally new insights into space-time, relativity theory, quantum theory, and the subtle underpinnings of matter in nonlocal mental space. Insightful quotes from historical and contemporary scholars help connect the dots in quantum physics, cognitive neuroscience, and psychology into the seamless unity of outer nature and inner consciousness in ancient Vedic science— and how to verify it directly in oneself.
“Surely it seems to have surpassed all the previous…writers on this great grand path of integration.”
— S. N. Bhavasar, Ph.D., Univeristy of Pune, India