Cool Mind Warm Heart

How to Communicate with Body, Mind, Heart & Soul

We spend much of our lives trying to communicate, but almost no time learning how to do it. How we communicate affects us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Through research, clinical work and teaching over the past 40 years in higher human development, Dr. Boyer has distilled the most useful skills into an effective, user-friendly system of communication for the practical person, covering the full range from basic to advanced skills.
As you approach someone, you are presented first with outer levels of body language and facial expressions, then speech styles and emotional behavior, and then deeper inner thinking and feeling to the deepest level of self and soul. Each level relates to specific skills in a concise practical guide with extensive examples that is the most integrative and complete approach.
The communication skills are refined through appreciating the subtle flow of emotional and mental energy, which provide useful clues and signals. Using these skills in everyday communication, you will manage your life better and create healthier, more fulfilling relationships. When we listen with the refined inner balance of a cool mind and warm heart, Nature whispers her most wonderful secrets about the fullest value of relationships.
“Essential to communicate effectively; an obligation for counselors.”
— T. B., Girne, Cyprus
“Only a profound understanding of the mind would be this simple and true to experience; I’m a better communicator with my teenagers and at work.”
– S. M., Fairfield, Iowa
“Easy to use, and for me a deep anchor of how to relate to others.”
—L. W., Ithaca, New York