After a century of quantum theory as the most successful theory in modern science, there is little consensus about what it means. Some experts question if anyone can understand it. In this book, we will go into the heart of science for a holistic interpretation of quantum theory. Subtle insights from physics and consciousness studies help clarify long-standing dilemmas.
The intended audience: specialists, and also non-specialists interested in interdisciplinary exploration of quantum theory and consciousness.
Chapters 1-2 review classical physical and quantum theories for non-specialists, building on the basics to introduce recent advances. A definition of physical is included for specialists also to consider.
Chapter 3 analyzes quantum theory interpretations, revealing a developmental progression from the standard, many-worlds, decoherence/consistent histories, quantum probability, quantum information field, and transactional interpretations to neorealism.
Chapters 4-5 consider loop quantum gravity, string, inflationary big bang, and unified field theories. The diverse interpretations are in large part due to focusing on the observed as the only reality: the process of observing and the observer were practically ignored.
Chapters 6-7 bring out explicitly the need to unify all three in one, drawing from the ‘ancient science’ of Veda.
Chapter 8 outlines a new holistic interpretation of quantum theory. Of major significance is the subtle concept of levels of spacetime.
Chapters 9-10 then take the holism further to define consciousness, levels of reality, and systematic means for their direct validation. References and Index are included.