Think Outside the Bang

Beyond Quantum Theory and Hidden Dimensions to a Holistic Account of Consciousness, Mind and Matter

Modern science has achieved a remarkable legacy of reliable knowledge and rigorous standards of validation. But gaps in even the most successful theories—quantum, relativity, and evolutionary theories—still reflect a deeply fragmented account. To get beyond the fragmented reductive account of the universe emerging randomly in a big bang from literally nothing, we need to think outside the bang.
With clarity and subtle insights, Dr. Boyer describes how theories on the forefront of physics and psychology, matter and mind, link to a coherent picture of the ultimate unity of nature. Drawing from ancient traditions, the dots are connected into a holistic unified field-based account of consciousness, mind and matter and how to validate it empirically.
The holistic account has revolutionary implications for understanding our relationship to the cosmos, as well as evolutionary implications for getting out of the chaotic ways we humans have been behaving toward each other.