EXPLORE January/February 2012, Vol. 8, No. 1
This paper introduces Vedic principles of therapy as a holistic integration of healing and human development. The most integrative aspect is a “consciousness-based” approach in which the bottom line of the mind is consciousness itself, accessed by transcending mental activity to its simplest ground state. This directly contrasts with “unconscious-based” approaches that hold the basis of conscious mind is the unconscious, such as analytic, humanistic, and cognitive-behavioral approaches. Although not presented as a specific therapeutic approach, interventions associated with this Vedic approach have extensive support in the applied research literature. A brief review of experimental research toward a general model of mind—and cutting-edge developments in quantum physics toward nonlocal mind—shows a convergence on the ancient Vedic model of mind. Comparisons with contemporary therapies further show that the simplicity, subtlety, and holistic nature of the Vedic approach represent a significant advance over approaches which have overlooked the fundamental ground state of the mind.

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