Major progress in modern physics in the past century to more abstract, holistic theories extend the known range of nature – classical, quantum, quantum field, to unified field theories. Mind and consciousness are now also being examined – which is needed to include the full range. This paper introduces a completely holistic ancient model, with some detail on how contemporary models can map onto it to include the full range of nature. We ‘ll start with the simple ‘ocean/wave’ analogy to help clarify what a completely holistic account means. It also can help, as we proceed, with an intuitive sense of abstract quantum theories difficult to grasp even for many scientists.


Sitting on the beach and looking out, the ocean’s vast expanse extends beyond the horizon – as if it has no boundaries. But we do see boundaries: e.g., the shoreline, and the boundary between the ocean’s surface and skyline above. We could also see and count even individual drops of water in the ocean spray, and individual waves as they break onto the shore. And jumping into the ocean, we could sense the wave currents flowing deeper in the ocean water. It can be thought of as an ‘unbounded’ ocean with droplets, waves, and wave currents when we dive deeper into the ocean. The analogy here is to local particles, quantum waves (‘wavicles’), and ‘non-local’ wave fluctuations within the all-inconclusive ‘ocean’ that includes everything in the entire universe – including us.

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