Heart and Mind

By Robert and Connie Boyer

How heart and mind harmonize to expand love and happiness is described with profound insight in this engaging and fun book. Through inspiring stories from classic films, it illustrates useful ways to balance the heart’s pull of love and the mind’s push of duty in life’s inevitable challenges. Robert and Connie feel, that, even with all the challenges, it indeed is a ‘wonderful life.’
“It kept me eager to find out what was coming next…All parts were captivating…and the movie references really made the material come alive.”
— S. A.. Kirksville, Missouri
“..fun journey into the heart of human experience…brilliantly blending deep psychology…art, drama and romance to reveal…the key to living a …fulfilled life lies in integrating…our heart and mind and ultimately transcending the appearance of duality that they present to us.”
— R. C., San Jose Costa Rica
“…light-hearted, yet most effective communication regarding issues that have a profound effect upon our lives. Thanks Bob and Connie.”
—M. M. & R. M., Granada Hills, California

Heart & Mind is being revised. It is currently not available.